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June 28, 2022

Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022

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Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022

For a laptop costing Below Rs.60000 this Lenovo Legion 5 is excellent. We were searching for an laptop that had a fast CPU, an adequate GPU for occasional content creation as well as an excellent and crisp display. This Lenovo Legion 5 meets all the requirements and includes some other great features as well. So let us read more about Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022 !

So Why is Lenovo Legion 5 Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000?

I’m still searching for Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022, to replace the one that my wife threw away. After attempting an Dell Inspiron 5155 for the first time I set my sights on the next laptop was Lenovo Legion 5, which I was able to find a bargain on Amazon.

The reason I picked this model was simple: the price was reasonable and I had seen the positive reviews of the model last year. I also had the opportunity to play playing with this model, the Legion 5 Pro, which was simply amazing.

However, knowing that this laptop is half the cost of that of the Legion 5 Pro, I reduced my expectations. What could be better for just $1000? To my surprise, it actually is pretty excellent! The specs are lower, that’s all.

After having spent a good 10 days using it, I’m able to declare that my search is done. This is a great product.

Below is my complete analysis of my testing.

Specifications for Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000

Features Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6 2021
Screen 15.6 inchscreen, with 1920×1080 pixels 15.6 inch, equivalent to IPS with 165 Hz. matte 3ms
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, 8C/16T, 3.2Ghz with 4.4Ghz boost with 16MB cache
Video NVIDIA GeForce 3050 Ti RTX with the 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM, 60 to 85W
Advanced Optimus with AMD Graphics, Freesync
Memory 16 GB DDR4 3200Mhz (2x8GB DIMMS)
Storage 500 gigabytes M.2 NVMe with extra PCIe 3.0 NVMe
Connectivity Realtek RTL8852ae Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
Ports 4x USB-A 3.2 Gen2 1x USB-C 3.2 with DP 1.4 1x USB-C, that has support for DP 1.4 as well as PD compatibility 1x HDMI 2.1 Ethernet and mic/earphone
Battery 60Whr Charger 230 W, 60Whr
Size 363 mm or 14.3″ (w) x 260 mm or 10.22″ (d) x 23.57-26.1 mm or .93-1.03″ (h)
Weight 2.4 kilograms (5.3 lbs)
Extras 4 zone RGB keyboard HD webcam that has kill switch Stereo speakers

Design and construction

If you’ve seen Legion 5 from last year it’s not much different in terms of design. It’s probably a good thing considering it was so popular.

The laptop is made entirely out of plastic with its primary hue being dark blue that Lenovo is calling Phantom Blue. The second color that covers the vents and the bottom is black. It’s a nice combination.

I’m not sure if it’s the material or something else I like the way this laptop was handled more that it’s predecessor, the Legion 5 Pro. It’s a bit lighter and more compact, but it’s much more comfortable on the bottom.

There’s a particular grip my hand was rested on vents at the bottom. My fingers would be wrapped over the back IO as I was able to use the second hand for opening the lid while at the same time. Highly efficient.

Quality of the build seems extremely sturdy. There were no creaks or cracks in the casing were observed during my use. The chassis’ flex was also excellent, considering the quantity of plastic that was used. I’m impressed by the durability and quality the laptop felt.

The cover is smooth, robust part of polymer

So as stated in this Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022 article, There’s a tiny Lenovo logo on the lower part of the lid and the Legion logo in the upper corner. There’s a prismatic-colored version of the Legion logo, which changes hue based on the angle at which light hits it. It’s subtle, but it’s pretty cool.

It’s a single finger action that I love about. The lip of the lid is great to hold also. The hinge is excellent as it is extremely sturdy and providing exactly the correct amount of power to allow adjustments. The lid extends the screen 180 degrees.

Under the hood, there’s plenty to be seen in terms of the logos and labels. The screen’s underside is an Legion logo, and in the right-hand corner of the palmrest are another Lenovo logo. There are also stickers for the CPU, GPU and hotkeys, however they’re easily removed off.

The bezels are quite tiny on this laptop. The bezel on the bottom is thicker than the top one, which is typical for fifteen” laptops. In the top bezel and at the top lip, has an HD webcam.

There’s nothing particularly unusual happening in the palmrest. There’s a very minimal amount of flex on the chassis, and even in the deck for keyboards. The keyboard is full and has a an adequate trackpad that we’ll be discussing in the near future. Below the keyboard is an power button.

The problem is that it’s always on light that is on when you press the power button however at the very least, this light serves some purpose. The color of the light indicates which power profile you’re selecting such as red for performance or quiet mode, blue for the quiet mode white to indicate well-balanced.

There’s plenty of IO on this device

On the left is a single USB-C port, as well as a microphone/headphone combination connector. The right-hand side has the USB-A slot, as well as the physical switch that cuts off the microphone. I love that switch very much and it’s a great feature. It also has a tiny indicator light to indicate the power.

The majority of IO is located on the back side of the unit. There is ethernet as well as a USB-C port, 3x USB-A, and the HDMI 2.1 port. In addition, both of these USB-Cs support DisplayPort 1.4 however only the rear USB-C supports PowerDelivery charging.

Based on this Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022 article, The final thing I want to highlight is Lenovo’s own power connector, which is located in the back of the laptop. It’s probably my most top power connection for any laptop on the market. It’s quick to connect, durable and adjustable. The cord is also far enough away and is located in the back.

The beauty of the cover is lost as you examine the cover’s bottom. It’s fine, but how often do you glance at that cover? It’s at least practical, with good-sized rubber feet and lots in air intake slots. It’s also more grippable than other plastic, which is ideal to carry around. Additional stickers are on the bottom also.

Overall, it’s a great style from Lenovo. Given that this is an low-end gaming laptop I believe that most people would be pleased with the specs Lenovo offers this. In fact, I’m used more expensive laptops and I’d have no problem with this.

Keyboard and trackpad

Let’s discuss those input devices right now, and begin using the keyboard. I was hoping for that the keyboard would be similar as it’s predecessor, the Legion 5 Pro I just finished with.
Or, it’s the exact identical and I’ve just gotten more proficient at using it, or perhaps the feedback on the keys is a bit more pronounced in this particular model. In any case, I really enjoyed working on it.

The layout of the keys seems to be the perfect design, if you’re asking me. There aren’t any keys that look squished or keys that are in odd places this is odd given that there’s an Numpad which is 15″ model that has small bezels.

If you take a closer look at the Numpad’s keys, they are tiny compared to the other keys. I believe it’s a great choice, particularly considering that the Numpad may be not used enough to be able to adapt to.

What I love with the layout of the page is how the Arrow keys have been separated off from the bottom row instead of putting them inside and causing damage to one of the shift keys on right. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

The key feedback is satisfactory to me , and the travel is satisfactory. I also like the quietness of keystrokes. One key which produces an eerily loud sound is the spacebar and it’s not too terrible.

The keyboard is backlit using 4 zones of RGB lighting

It’s essentially entry-level lighting, but with limited features and not the most effective software for changing things up.  It’s adequate it’s not perfect, but expect some light bleeding under the keys. Color uniformity is higher on this model as compared to Legion 5 Pro. Legion 5 Pro, which was fascinating.

If you follow this Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022 article, The trackpad is next It’s pretty good. It’s made of plastic but it’s a bit smoother which could make you think it’s as glass. However, it’s not glass and you’ll be able to tell when you swirl it around just a bit.

However, it’s a good trackpad and runs very well. It’s not the high-end feel I like and it’s not very big however it’s still a significant superior option to the trackpads that are mediocre I’ve seen on different gaming laptops specifically the Alienware models..

Yet again I actually prefer this better over it’s predecessor, the Legion 5 Pro. It’s less plastic-like however the trackpad is smaller in size. It sounds like a joke However, I had a problem with accidental palm touch due to the trackpad’s dimensions in the Legion 5 Pro, and this isn’t the case on this model.


The FHD display on this model is very impressive. It’s 1920×1080 pixels as well as IPS and 165Hz. the matte finish. Its viewing angles appear good and I didn’t notice any bleeding from the backlight of my display. There’s not much that I can complain about particularly considering that this is an basic gaming laptop.

The panel is manufactured by LG Phillips, model LGD06A5. It’s 100% sRGB-colored panel that is acceptable to me. I measured my X-rite I1 Display Pro sensor. Here’s what I found:

  • Panel HardwareID: LG LP156WFG-SPT2 (LGD06A5)
  • Coverage: 97.7% sRGB, 70.3% AdobeRGB, 73.3% DCI-P3;
  • Gamma measured: 2.2;
  • The maximum brightness at the center of the display: 347 Cd/M2 when using power;
  • Contrast at maximum brightness: 1197:1.
  • Native white point White point native: 6120 K
  • The maximum brightness for black is 0.29 cd/m2.

These results basically confirm me in saying that there’s nothing to be unhappy about. The highest brightness and contrast ratios are both above the average. The accuracy of color was excellent. This could be useful for work that requires color, provided you don’t require a larger spectrum than 100 percent SRGB.

This panel makes use of Advance Optimus to switch between using AMD’s specifically designed GPU as well as AMD graphics without the need restarting the PC. You can toggle this mode within the Lenovo Vantage application by deactivating the hybrid mode.

If you intend to never use the laptop’s battery for long I’d suggest leaving Hybrid mode on. The Adv Optimus was very reliable and didn’t have any bugs that I’ve encountered in other laptops.

Hardware and performance

My model is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor. It’s an Octa-core processor that is a base speed of 3.2Ghz and an increase of 4.4Ghz. If you’re thinking of using this for school or professional usage, this will suffice for the majority of jobs.

My model is also equipped with the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics chip that is dedicated to the system. It’s an entry-level dGPU that falls somewhere between the GTX1660Ti as well as the RTX 3060. The card has only 4GB of VRAM, which means it’s limited in the number of textures it’s capable of processing. It also rules out Ray Tracing even though the card is legally an RTX GPU.

In between, I’ve looked at my review of the Legion 5 17-inch model on this page and the lower-end RTX 3060 model that is this model. Legion 5 15-inch model over here.

Included with my system comes 16GB RAM. It’s 2x8GB, which can be upgraded in case you want to add more. If you’re trying to make the most of this device, you may want to think about it.

The truth is that do not be deceived by the impressive 3200Mhz speed specification. Since it’s single-ranked (1RX16) and therefore, it’s performance is less than optimal. As you’ll see in the next section it was possible to swap the RAM to replace it with the old dual-rank RAM I had lying around and saw better results. Does it make sense? It’s entirely up to you.

For the SSD There’s the 64GB PCIe 3.0 drive

The speed is good as you will observe on my CrystalDisk benchmarks. The battery’s speed isn’t too different from battery.

Upgrades to these components are fairly easy, if you can take off the cover that covers the back. The cover has the 10 Phillips screws that keep the cover in place however, you’ll need an opening tool made of plastic to remove the clips that hold the cover. It then pops off.

After entering, you’ll get an excellent view of the internals. It’s clear that the SSD and Wifi module are in the right-hand heat shield. Another heat shield is to the left, which has an additional M.2 slot under it. The two shields are both secured by screws.

There’s another shield that is secured by clips in the middle. It covers the RAM modules. You’ll need to gently lift it upwards while unclipping one clip. I like the way the insides appear, however, it doesn’t really have any significance.

Legion 5 Legion 5 is preinstalled with Lenovo Vantage as the master control software. This software is used to do a variety of aspects, but one of its main functions is to modify the settings for the CPU and GPU.

Three modes are available: the Balanced, Performance and Quiet. It is possible to change between them using Fn-Q. The power button has distinct colors that tell the user what mode it is in. This table will show the functions of each mode:

Quiet Balanced Performance
30/20W 60W 65/54W 60W 85/80W 60-85W

I conducted a few synthetic benchmarks using this laptop. In my first test, I set the Lenovo Vantage to Performance mode.

  • 3DMark 13 – Fire Strike:13606 (Graphics – 15070, Physics – 25313);
  • 3DMark 13 – Time Spy:6433 (Graphics – 6110, CPU – 9191);
  • 3DMark 13 Profiling of CPUs:max – 6503 16 – 6605, 8 5674 4 – 3232 2 – 1663. 1 851
  • 3DMark 13 – Port Royal (RTX) Graphics:572;
  • Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Extreme:3485;

Noise or heat, Connectivity speakers, and more.

Lenovo Legion makes use of an array of heatsinks, fans, and heat pipes to provide cooling. It’s similar to what was utilized on the Y560 that is only a few generations older and quite similar to the one I observed on the latest Legion 5 Pro.

And it performs just as well. In normal use CPU temps are usually around the mid-40C range. Its heat sink is large enough that opening applications like Chrome or performing simple tasks will have little effect on CPU temperatures.

Fans are always running at a low rate, which is between 26 and 28dB. They aren’t noticeable even running unless the room is silent. That’s one of the greatest things about this laptop. Aside from the speed of gaming fans the laptop doesn’t make any sound. It doesn’t even make a whine from coils.

After you begin playing and begin to play, your temperature will climb. In a long session in Horizon Zero Dawn on Performance mode my CPU was averaging 80C, and reached 90C at its highest. The GPU stabilized at 72C. Good results overall.

The fan noise wasn’t all that noisy when gaming. 44dB seems reasonable, especially when the sound was a low whoosh rather than the high-pitched the whirl that you can hear from smaller fans.

Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000

If you are irritated by the sound If you are irritated by the noise, switch to the Balanced mode which reduces the sound of the fan down a bit. However, it’s extremely game-dependent as each game will have different the demands on CPU and GPU.

If you’re interested in going deeper, then consider the quiet mode. It lowers the TDP/TGP to such a low level that the fans will reach 35dB during the majority of games. 
Also, your temperatures will improve. The similar Horizon Zero Dawn test resulted in CPU temperatures averaging at 67C, and the GPU 65C. Of course, this can impact performance in a drastic way.

Then, the outside temperatures. I took measurements of the temperature on the outside while watching a program streaming on Netflix and multitasking when using battery power, and another video shot when playing Witcher 3 for an extended session. Here’s what I took:

* Daily Use streaming Netflix in the EDGE format for 30 minutes. Fans at 30 dB in dB
*Gaming – Performance : playing Witcher three times for thirty mins and fans at 44dB.

The palmrest isn’t at all.

With fans running at higher speeds, it’s amazing how the palmrest remains cool even when you’re playing. I used a lapdesk for certain, but those lower temperatures weren’t too bad either.

The temperatures for normal use were good for normal usage. A little hotter than normal, but I attribute that to the fact that it was directly in my lap, and also the fact that the fan is running at a very low speed throughout the day. I have no complaints, however.

To support Wifi this device uses the Realtech RTL8852ae device. It’s Wifi 6, and can support Bluetooth 5.2. I was able to get 470Mbps with 30 feet away of my wireless router.
It began with just few drops but eventually it led to it being completely removed from the Device Manager. The power cycle only worked for a couple of minutes and I’m beginning to think that it’s overheating or something else. I purchased the Intel AX210 module on Amazon and changed it out. It’s much better.

The speakers aren’t much to boast about. They’re downward-facing, however their location and angle is situated in a position that makes it difficult to completely cover them. Therefore, the sound isn’t dull or any thing else.

But the volume of these speakers are slightly not quite right. Even when the Nahimic settings adjusted I was capable of achieving 70dB peak volume. It’s a lot of reliant on the sound bounces upwards off of an object. If not, it’s closer to 65dB.

The sound is decent at the very minimum

The highs are nice and mids are acceptable. They’re not bassy though do not expect to hear much. The bass decreases around 140Hz , for me.

I’m leaving the worst to the end, I suppose. The camera doesn’t look all that excellent on this model as well. It’s HD however the image is grainy, even in adequate light. Low-light shots are more shaky and don’t have color. I’m not impressed by this camera however it is there at the very minimum. It’s not biometric.

The best thing about the camera’s physical switches is that it completely shuts it off. I like this more than simply a shutter since it completely turns the camera and microphone off, instead of blocking the video.

Battery life

My unit is equipped with an electric 60Whr battery that is installed. I’d like to declare this the most powerful battery they could fit in however, there’s a huge empty space next to it. Initially, I believed it was the perfect spot for an 2.5″ drive however, there’s nothing.

It’s not great, but it’s not terrible either. I was able use this laptop with no charger and I was able to get a consistent amount of use from it before needing recharge. If you could locate one with an 80Whr battery it’s the perfect choice.

Update: I could find an 80Whr battery from eBay. It appears that these batteries are used in the entire Legion 5 models. I purchased one intended specifically for Legion 5 Pro and it does the job perfectly.

It cost me only $60, but prices will differ based of the retailer. It was, however, easy to put in, I only needed two screws, so I ensured that I screwed into the corners and took my chances. It’s worth it if you ask me.

The power brick has 300W and is an odd form. It’s perfect for my backpack, however it’s just a bit too big to fit inside my standard bin in which I store charging bricks. I’m sure it could be adapted.

You also get USB-C chargers with this unit. So if you’ve got an external GaN charger it is possible to connect it to the USB-C port at the back of your laptop. It’s not going charge you GPU however it will provide a slight boost to your CPU and keep it operating.

Price and availability Lenovo Legion 5

So guided in this The model I’ve got was purchased on Amazon. As of the time of this review, the cost is $1050, however I was able to get it at a bargain price of $999. A good price if you ask me.

Use this link to find current pricing and specifications at the moment you’re reading this post.

It is also possible to purchase the battery directly from Lenovo and be in a position to upgrade the battery should you need to. However, it will cost you since the comparable model available on Lenovo’s website costs $1500. I’m sure they’ll offer coupons in the near future but what’s the an actual difference in cost…

You can also purchase a RX 3060 model or an all AMD version equipped with the Radeon RX 6600M. Prices begin at $1300 and rise significantly based on the upgrades options.

The true value lies within the unit I have but. It’s a good price considering the components within the unit. I’ll need to locate a way to get an 80Whr power source and this would be ideal.

Conclusion – Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022

As I stated in this Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022 guide, at the beginning, this is a great buy for us. My wife requires an laptop that has a fast processor and a good GPU to handle the occasional content creation she has to do. Also, the screen should be able to reproduce decent colors. This laptop ticks all those boxes.

It has a few other features as well, such as the ability to display a bright and quick display, decent trackpad and keyboard, as well as some good IO options. It has two M.2 slots, excellent build quality with a the lid is 180 degrees… it’s a long list that could go on and on.

  • Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Medium:10541;
  • GeekBench 5: Single-Core: 1420, Multi-core: 7332;
  • CineBench R15OpenGL 154.33 frames per second, CPU 2153 CPU cb 1 Core 226 single core cb
  • CineBench R23CPU 12808 Pts CPU Single Core 1396 points;

This is how 2021’s Legion 5 performs in Cinebench R15’s loop test using one of the profiles: Performance, Balanced and Quiet profiles. How does it stack up against other laptops of its class in 2021 as well as the earlier-gen Lenovo Legion 5 2020. Extremely competitive.  So this concludes the topic for Best Laptop for Video Editing Under 60000 September India 2022.